Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We are dedicated to our fans!

A friend of ours once told us that "it's hard to create a game... even harder to create a good one." This has become very apparent to us as we developed Wanderlust: Rebirth. We went in thinking we knew it all and that we were going to create the "perfect co-op rpg"; now we know that we should always consider the potential improvements and concerns brought up by our community and supporters. It's changed how we make games.


Those of you who have emailed us with issues or problems know that we do everything in our power to fix them, and then get the word out to everyone else on how to address them in the future (our FAQs are very comprehensive).


WANDERLUST: REBIRTH - After launching our "Wanderlust: Rebirth" on June 14th, 2011, we spent the next 12 MONTHS improving the game while earning virtually NO REVENUE, with the majority of our changes and updates being based around community feedback. In fact, "Wanderlust: Adventures" is going to feel like a completely different game because we are tailoring it to meet the desires of our supporters (as well as meeting our own desires for a fresh experience).

GUBS - After launching "Gubs" on the App Store this past December, we spent the next month further optimizing the game and adding features that were requested by players, and it's a free game.

We hope that our growing community and fanbase will continue to be supportive and enthusiastic about the games that we produce, because we have no plans on changing our model of how we aggressively target solutions to user feedback while assisting you with personal and professional customer service.

~ Yeti Trunk

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